Organizing Frenzy!

As I said previously I’ve been on a sort of organizing kick.  Now that the holidays have wrapped up and things will be a little bit slower at work I feel like I can really take the time to get back to organizing the new house and planning out what projects I want to work on first.  Here are the steps I’m taking to make sure I stay focused and get things done.

1. I started by organizing my iPhone calendar.  I find this is one of the best ways to quickly jot things down (although I do still like to write hand written grocery lists).  I can quickly categorize things to have whether they are professional or business

2. I’ve started to plan out each month.  We are going to take these very chilly Pittsburgh winters and do a lot of the painting that I wanted to do on the interior of the house.  I have mapped out at least 3 rooms that I would like repainted (bathroom, 3rd bedroom, and dining room).  These are a tad ambitious but all of them are fairly small so “I don’t think” they will be that much trouble.

3. Staying focused – I’ve decided this weekend what must be done (including taking down the xmas decorations – sad  face and cleaning out of the 3rd bedroom.  There may also be a trip to Sherwin Williams sprinkled in this weekend.

4. Making a reminder.  If you think your going to forget jot a sticky note or set an alarm on your phone.  I find that these are two things that work best for me.  I am also pondering over a DIY command center  I don’t know if it’s necessary since it’s just the hubby and I might I think it might be a great way for paperwork, important notices and invites not to get lost or become cluttered on the fridge.

What are some ways that you stay organized?  


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