You know you’re pregnant when…


You know your pregnant when…
…you walk into a room and totally forget what you’re looking for OR you have no idea what day of the week it is and forget to blog

…you know every teacher bathroom within a 3 minute walk of your classroom

…sneezing, laughing, and coughing all produce the same effect…

…after work snacks include donuts 3-5 days a week.

…looking in the mirror always ends with the same conclusion….how will my skin stretch any farther?

…dinner must include a carbohydrate. Vegetables are for skinny people and those days are long gone.

…your hips are bruised from running into spaces you used to be able to squeeze through.

…you cry when watching tv, listening to the radio, or reading a book.

…the couch, heating pad, tv, and a caffeine-free soda sounds like the perfect Friday night.

….the only 11:00 you know is in the morning.

…the thought of a cold cut sandwich smothered in mayo makes you salivate.

…every man, woman, and child wants to touch your belly or even better, give you advise on how to be a good parent!

…you’re excited, scared, thankful, and anxious to be on this journey with the family and friends you love, all at the same time.


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