Happy New Year, Shmappy Shmew Shmear !

I planned a long week ago to write a post about how much I hate working out.  I write about working out often.  What I am doing, how I am progressing, when I cheat, and when I quit.  I like to set the stage as I have made a priority out of fitness, yoga, and healthy eating.   The reality?  I am curious, I have a desire for the outcomes, I half-@$$ participate, and I kick and scream the entire way through.  I wanted to show everyone else going through the same inner argument that … IT’S NOT FUN.   For me anyway.   Mike?-he loves it, he actually looks forward to it.  I have that feeling … oh, once in a blue moon.

Yesterday – the first day ‘back,’  was not one of those days.   At 19 degrees, I put on two pair of socks, winter running pants, a tank, a tee, a hoodie, a northface fleece, a down vest, a scarf, ear muffs, and TWO pair of gloves… even so, I was cold, I was angry, and I did NOT want to even think about walking Ella again this week.   She got 15 minutes rather than the usual sunny 45.  We then made a ‘healthy’ dinner of white fish, rice, and broccoli  (I added butter and cheese anywhere I could) and I choked it down thinking of all the warm delightful holiday meals that were just days behind me.   After a bit of rest post dinner (as long as I could possibly drag it on) Mike finally declared … it’s time.

I pouted.  I whined.  I said, ‘I HATE WORKING OUT‘ maybe ten times (after simple squats of 10/25/35 lbs and simple 5 rep sets of ring rows and whatever else).    When Mike kindly gave me feedback on getting my form back in a dead lift, I yelled “SHUT UP.”  To which he replied, “Don’t tell your coach to shut up…” and to make it worse … I grumbled angrily, “I can do whatever I want.”

OKAY, HOLD UP!  Who says that?  Who says that to their coach?  To their boyfriend (that they love)?  To a stranger, even!?  Ew, you must be gagging and embarrassed just reading this.

Calmly and politely – as always, Michael said, “Don’t say that so much.” (That I HATE WORKING OUT).  I said, “But I do.”  And then Mike reminded me … It’s attitude.  The more I say the negative, the more true it will become.

Why I am in need of this kindergarten level lesson, I have no idea.    I guess we all need the simple little reminders each day.  So back to the grind I go.  With a smile, with goals to set and reach, with updates to hold me accountable, and with not just my physical health, but also my mental well being in mind.  Here is an awesome article by The Zeit that helps so much as your are re-directing your mind, and focusing on the new activities you hope to grow into.

I wish each of you luck with your New Years Resolutions.  Whether it be to clean your home, set helpful routines, or to focus on healthy behaviors.

AND remember – there are 365 New Days in the New Year, don’t let the excuses of ONE of them become the excuses for ALL of them.

The #1 Reason Most People Fail - Money Saving Mom®


Oh p.s. – If you don’t have a nutribullet, get one.  I did!


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