Packing Tips and Tricks

Last week I blogged about all of the craziness of the holiday season.  Well how about throwing in a trip in the midst of everything. I’ve been a little freaked out planning/organizing everything this Christmas but I am just going to relax and get ready for our trip.  We are heading to warm and sunny Florida to be with our in-laws and E’s younger brother.  The temps are in the 70’s and we have lots of fun outdoor activities planned!  Below are some tips and tricks I picked up from traveling back and forth to the East Coast.

1. Check the weather!  I know that it’s not always so predictable but it will give you a general guideline as far as what to pack.  The weather is set to be in the 70’s but chiller at night which will be a factor so we want to make sure we bring light jackets.

2. When choosing luggage make sure it’s something reliable and sturdy.  Spending a few extra bucks in the department also pays off.  We have so many different pieces we’ve been called “TSA department” before!

3. Find out what things you’ll be doing on your trip.  We are going to be on a fishing boat some of the time, pool side, and possible biking.  I am going to be packing plenty of athletic wear which will double as my lounger around the house.

4. When it comes to packing lay out our outfits.  Try to mix and match things (especially pants) so that you can wear them more than once.  I also like to lay out of my outfits so I know I’m not missing an important component (scarf, favorite bracelet, ext).

5. What to wear???  On this trip I didn’t really want to pick up to many extra items since I knew it would be pretty relaxed and we wouldn’t need to dress up.  I did however pick up this swing dress which I think is a perfect piece to transition into spring.  I am also thinking of wearing it when it’s not so chilly with a pair of colored tights and short tan ankle boots.  You also cannot forget sunnies my go to’s are Ray Ban Wayfarer in black (I got these for a steal on Amazon a few years ago).

6. Have fun!  Don’t worry too much about not having the right thing improvise.  Your on vacation to have fun and in our case spend the holidays with our family so relax kick back and enjoy the sunshine!


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