My 2014 Review!

As 2014 comes to a close I thought I would recap my highlights from this past year.  It has been a whirlwind to say the least and it’s true that as you get older the years go faster!  We literally squeezed as much as we could into this past year.  This year was filled with so many wonderful memories and a few heart aches as well (which included losing my Papa and our girlfriends father to ALS).  There were so many fun events to attend, craft beers to drink, DIY projects to attempt/conquer, and did I mention we got married and bought a house this year!

 If there was something that I really took away from 2014 it would have to be self-refelection.  I found myself getting upset about day-to-day things that were going wrong in my professional or personal life.  It really helped me to bring things into perspective and accept things for what they are.  We are the ones that determine our futures and if you want to change something you have to go out there and “grab the bull by the horns”, so to speak!

2014 was also an eye opener into the blogging process.  It has been a fairly easy road thus far and we have all contributed our fair share of thoughts and ideas.  Working with these four other women to create something to share with the rest of the world has really been a truly fulfilling part of my life.  It has helped us to stay connected in other ways then a quick text here or there and I love knowing what they are up to on a day to day basis.  I am so excited to share with you what we have in store for 2015!

My calendar is already filling up with dates and events for 2015.  I am most looking forward to being an “auntie” times two.  I am so excited to be a part of these little kiddos lives.  We are also planning out our summer trip and I am slowly/hopefully planning a trip to California to visit friends for a few days.  This will all be between running here and there and hosting a few holiday parties in between.  We are also hoping over the colder months to paint a few of the rooms in the house, and fingers crossed I will get my dressing room/office space functional.  I want to also continue working on my mental health and well being.  I am looking into a few gym options for the upcoming year (as I do this each year).  Life is too short to fill our days with so many stress’ so take a deep breath and lets make the most of 2015!


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