Little lives

Last week the girls and I finally had a chance to get together and catch up. These get togethers usually are filled with laughter and sometimes tears and lots of love, but this time it felt different…not bad different…it felt more grown up different.


I left dinner thinking about all the amazing times I have shared with these amazing women and all the times we are going to share in the future.

Not one but two new babies are about to enter our circle. Two special little lives that I can’t wait to meet and watch grow up with my girls. Two little lives that are about to completely change their mommy’s lives. Two little lives that will take up a little spot in my heart and two little lives who are going to make two women into mommas!

The momma's to-be!

The momma’s to-be!

Over the past two years I have watched the love that my best friends have for my own little girls. It makes my heart so full. I can’t wait to get my hands on these new little babies and spoil the snot out of them!


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