Our first baby!

Finally, we are excited to share with everyone that we are having a baby!  It’s due June 10, 2015.  I am just starting to really get excited at the end of my first trimester because I feel like I can finally relax.  On Wednesday, November 26, we had our first ultrasound and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat.  It was so surreal.  I went from “feeling pregnant” to realizing there was a baby inside of me.  It’s hard to explain, but something changes when you actually see it.



meme credit to Earnie Sotirokos

I really had to pee when we got into the ultrasound room, but the tech reassured me that my full bladder would help us see the baby.  Our first view of the baby was it sitting completely vertically….my full bladder was pushing the little babe to stand straight up.  After I went to the bathroom, we got to really watch it in it’s relaxed state, and I was surprised to see it jump around a little bit.

Now, to answer the questions that everyone has.

1. Yes, we are going to find out the sex.  We get to find out at the end of January.

2. I have been “extreme” in my first trimester.   I am mean, emotional, tired, huggy (very huggy), clingy, overly sensitive, full of rage, unable to eat or even get a whiff of most things without wanting to puke, sneezy, nose bleedy, and everything else that they don’t tell you about (my big toes have hair on them…..hmmm).

3. I have a bump but it’s still one of those:  is she pregnant, or does she need to do some sit ups?

4. We aren’t sure if we are going to tell anyone the name(s) we like.  They’re a little different, but nothing to call your grandmother about.

5.  We traded in the convertible for a Subaru Forester, and we LOVE IT!  We want our baby to be safe, and I needed an excuse to get rid of that snow sled!  Here is a pic!

It's a dark gray limited edition

It’s a dark gray limited edition

I look forward to writing more about our pregnancy and sharing it with all of you!


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