Holiday ‘Health’

The Holidays are a whirl wind, a blurr, and nonstop hustle bustle!  All in the best of ways, of course.  It makes it hard to commit to any type of routine.  There is twice the cleaning, twice the cooking, twice the errands.   These past couple of weeks my mentality has been :

one work out is better than no work outs.

So, no- I have not been to yoga once a week.  I have not consistently walked the dog daily.

That said, I am still celebrating!  I mentioned I am so foreign to squatting that I was unable to squat the weight bar, with NO WEIGHTS!  Hey little ladies- guess what!  I did it!  I am not yet at a full five reps in a row, but I am making progress.  I did manage three sets of one, and another time I even got two sets in.  The weight is less of the challenge, it is more so the body form that I need to learn.  Its tough to set a strong and safe foundation for your body to drop into, and maintain it as you come out.  My legs are trying to give up and get up any way possible.   I also have increased the amount of weight I can dead lift! (I honestly never thought I could care about such victories).  One night I lifted my entire body weight off of the ground.  I also think I blacked out, but who cares!?  Once is more than NEVER!  I see a difference in my strength.  Maybe slowly that will make the difference in my motivation.

So this time when I grabbed my celebration beverage, I went all out!  WINE SMOOTHIE!  Helllllooooo happy!

My roommate asked; “Is this a new high?  … or a new low?”   What!?  I needed a snack AND a glass of wine.   This is better than ice cream isnt it?

Make it in any fashion you choose.  With the holidays coming I was itching to sniff a red wine.  I am not eager to indulge in reds.  I often feel they are too ‘footy’ for me.  So I was in search of a friendly, sweet, fruity, slightly tangy red.

This season try Dona Paula Estate 2011 Malbec.  Again in the $12-$20.00 range, a wine that wont break the bank.  With the word tannins mentioned, I knew this would have the slight tang I was craving.  Although you may take this for Christmas day – or where ever beef makes your holiday menu- I did this:

6 slices Frozen Peach

1 Frozen Banana

1/2 cup frozen red raspberries

1 cup malbec

Featured image

AAAAND…. enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours !


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