Off to TARGET we go!

With the holidays quickly approaching I wanted to share how I plan on tackling my gift list. It all starts at my go to place…TARGET! Anyone who knows me, knows about my love…no…obsession with TARGET! TARGET is my go to for everything especially the holidays. Not only can I save on toys and clothes for the girls, homegoods for the women, and electronics for the men but I can also save money on my groceries, holiday decorations and baking items!

Me on every trip to TARGET!

Love me some TARGET!

TARGET offers numerous ways to save. My personal favorite is the Cartwheel app! Out of all the apps on my phone this one is used the most! I love that I can find the savings I want from the comfort of my own home and the app has a scanner which can be used to scan barcodes to offers in store! I also love the barcode widget that I installed on my phone’s homescreen so checkout goes smoothly. But I must say, my most favorite thing about the Cartwheel app is that it always has amazing deals on the things I use most.


Another great way to save is with the TARGET RedCard. The RedCard can either be linked to a debit account or it can be used as a credit card. With either, debit or credit, you save 5% on every trip!!!

Target also offers coupons through their online circular. You text them a code for the specific coupon and bam, they text the coupon to your phone! Everything is conveniently stored in your phone so you don’t have to mess with a stack of coupons.

Convenience, great prices, and great products all under one roof; you can’t beat that! Especially when shopping for the holidays!


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