Research, order, success!- Crib Edition

Our first official nursery purchase, the crib, was assembled this weekend and we couldn’t be happier.  But it wasn’t a quick decision and ended up taking more time to research than we had originally anticipated.

When we first started our search, we sat down and determined the criteria we were looking for in a crib.  It was simple – we wanted a crib that was white in color, budget friendly, and safe.

I starting looking on Craigslist and after a few weeks, I spotted a white crib made by Oeuf.  I loved the clean lines and the slim legs that raised the crib a few inches off of the floor.  But before contacting the seller to check if the crib was still available, I started researching crib companies and was surprised to realize how many variables there were for cribs on the market. The two articles I that found most helpful can be found here and here.

Oeuf crib

Oeuf crib

One of my biggest concerns about the Oauf crib was the safety recall that had occurred just a few months prior.  While the problem had been corrected, I didn’t want to sacrifice my budget for the safety of my child. So we decided to pass, and I shifted my attention to searching for new cribs that met the more detailed criteria that I had determined from my research.  I was now looking for a crib that was…

  • White in color
  • Budget friendly
  • Safe
  • Fixed sides
  • Made of solid wood
  • Low VOC paint

The winner of the search was the Baby Mod Olivia in white.  The safety features, clean lines, and materials made us feel comfortable with our decision…and the 4.7 out of 5 stars it received from 227 review didn’t hurt either! 🙂

Some of the reviews online noted that the crib was damaged when it arrived and had a terrible odor from the paint.  However, our experience couldn’t have been more different.  It was well packaged, had absolutely NO smell, and took less than an hour to assemble.  Here are some pictures of the process.  You will quickly notice that I was there to take pictures….Ken brought the tools and read the directions….and the dogs were there for moral support!
Crib packaging

Top view of the crib packaging…

Crib packaging2

Each layer was securely wrapped in foam to prevent the paint from rubbing during delivery.


An allen wrench was included in the kit, but we also used an electric drill to speed up the assembly process.

Assembly team

Assembly team!


The crib mattress can be adjusted as the baby grows. Our crib mattress is currently set at the highest level. Additional pieces were included to convert this crib into a toddlers bed.

Completed crib

The completed crib….puppy approved!

I’m open to suggestions for favorite strollers, swings, crib mattresses, etc….so feel free to share!


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