Namaste Yinz !

I Did it !

Time to talk fitness again:  I kept to the dog walks.  I worked out twice and ‘yoga’d’ once in a weeks time.  I made a plan and I stuck to it!  I bench pressed ‘the’ bar (not quite as challenging as squatting, but improvement none the less).   All this being said I will admit I ate tons and tons of Halloween candy.  But Im still calling this a win.  It was exhausting and my legs felt like jello by the end of Friday – but you know what?  I wanted to start over.  I wanted to go back to Monday and do it all again, but harder, better.   I am slowly looking forward to working out.  It really feels like I am making strides.

When I think a bit on how I am reforming my Lazy ways (and I must say, slowly, but surely) – I realized it’s all because of yoga.  I love it!  I have off and on visited yoga classes since college.  There are so many different types of yoga.  Although I know I have a bit of a knack for it, I also did not fall in LOVE with yoga until this year.  I finally found a more invigorating type of yoga (and a wonderful yoga studio) that holds my attention and challenges my body more than what I had experienced in the past.

I highly recommend beach yoga!

 Here are my recent “Ah-Ha” moments for finding motivation to stay active.

1. Determine why you want to work out.  I have said this before.  Body Image, Social Image, Health, Rehabilitation?  I think that immediately admitting this  point helps you coach yourself.  For me  it is a combination of :  I want to stay attractive to someone who is active and fit.  I want to be able to sit, stand, and walk independently as I age.  I also have this feminist disease where I want to be able to say I CAN DO ANYTHING !  I found this article by Body Builder Dave Draper that references TONS of ideas behind the ‘why.’  Have a look’see!

2.  Find the work out that you enjoy. I did not care to be active until I found the right fit for me.  I need a classroom environment to motivate me.  As I have mentioned before I am competitive.  Group fitness allows me to A. compare my progress with others and B.  Have the reminding push that others can see you, so try to impress them! (with out pushing beyond your limits- hurting yourself is not cool).   This buzzfeed article  kind of reminds  you how to personalize your activity plans. 19 Fitness Tips for Lazy Girls From A Personal Trainer.

 3. Don’t Stop there! When you realize you have found something you like a little bit … find the perfect fit.  Maybe you need a different style.  Maybe you need a different instructor.  Maybe you need a different gym.  I knew I liked yoga, but I didn’t know I loved it until I found Hot Vinyasa Yoga.   A fast paced ‘flow’ or sequence practice.  I sweat, and I strain.  I like this type of yoga because for me it is a good combination of meditation, stretch, and physical exertion.  Here are other types of yoga you could consider:

Oh, come ON! (is what you’re thinking.)  It’s not easy and there are drawbacks, that is why I have been  lazy and uncommitted for such a long time.  It is the reason I still struggle being consistent.  Here is my observation:

Drawbacks – For me?  It is time.  I searched the web for other drawbacks for this post.  Many were jokes … like ‘it will change your life.’  Some were limited opinions suggesting it is ‘pretentious.’  I saw a few fair warnings about the necessity of breathing, safe form, and movement – no different than any form of working out.   Yes you must be careful because the high temperatures do trick your body.   You must be honest with yourself and not over extend.  Again, for me– it is purely time.  I love it (have I said that yet?) To go to class means to get ready, drive, find parking, take an hour and a half class, drive home, and then you MUST shower.   Going to yoga for me means giving an entire evening to the practice.  With a puppy, and a to-do list I do struggle with giving my time entirely to the practice.  This is why I have been opening up to the idea of practicing Mike’s Cross-fit routines.  Yoga opened that door for me.  Now that I want to be better at yoga, I want to do other work outs that will make me stronger in my yoga practice.  Once I tried a few ‘moves’ to strengthen my arms for ‘chaturangas’ (high to low push ups), I realized I might even like Michael’s  form of work as well !

So cheers to one week right, and to many more.

My first glass of celebration wine:

An every day drinking Chardonnay (my favorite type of wine).  Now that it is getting colder I look for Chardonnay’s that say ‘creamy’, ‘buttery’, ‘smokey’, or ‘oaky.’

If I ever see something like a ‘creme brulee’  finish – BAM! I am buying it.

This week I went with J. Lohr Estates Arroyo Secco Monterey Chardonnay.  It is reasonable in price between $12.00 and $17.00.  It is fine and friendly.   Stone fruits and toasted vanilla, developed in a oak barrel this one is perfect for the fall.  It marries the change in the seasons with fresh and crisp,  yet toasty and warm finishes.  Great to pair with white fish and rice or a roasted Chicken !

Keep Calm and Namaste on !


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