Transformation Tuesday; a DIY remodel Sneak Peek!

My dearest boyfriend that I speak of often is officially one year a homeowner!  When deciding to move to Pittsburgh, to be close to family and friends Mike set his sight on a desirable location: Mount Washington. He fell for a home that promised a long standing foundation. He could see that the house was built strong and safe. It is a perfect sized model home from the 1920’s – how cool!?

A view from Mount Washington


Now; if you could read between the lines I would not so endearingly point out that a ‘model’ home from the 20’s comes packaged with some strange features. Also, when I am emphasizing the foundation of the home, it is because the décor and finishing from the previous owners was a style far from what we might choose ourselves. Michael had the eye to see past the cosmetics, which I am very proud of him for.

Home Sweet Home !

The little things make the big difference ❤



“Seeing past the cosmetics” translation: seeing through to a future full of projects.

Our first summer living together has been full of fun and travel.  We were able to get some of that  out of our system and we are in the mood to make this house a home. We started slow. This house has many yellow walls , so we made our living-room more comfortable by painting. Easy.

AND so our plan began :  we will work our way room by room through the first floor.  That leaves the next make over the foyer and stairwell.  (Later comes the dining room.  Followed by our largest planned project- an entire kitchen remodel).

So what’s involved here, anyway?

1. Knock out and open up the 1920’s bohemian cut door ways.

2.Rip up unforgettable carpet on the steps.

3. Paint walls.

4. Stain steps.

Sounds easy, right?  Ehhh… it was our first ever project, so there were a lot of lesson’s learned.

The first thing we encountered was unexpected piping running right through the part of wall we wished to not exist!  Luckily Mike was able to find a quick and what seemed easy solution to this: Pex Piping.  Pex piping is a flexible and non-corroding alternative to metal piping.

Flexible Pex Piping saves the day !

The second thing I was not prepared to do was peel industrial strength double sided tape that help the carpet expertly attach to the steps.   This is still a work in progress that requires a blow dryer, a sharp blade, goo gone, and a good wash.

Pssst… Try a blow dryer and a sharp blade !

The last tip I would share with a new DIY’er : prepare for dust control !  I feel silly to admit we did not anticipate this, but boy I wish we would have.  Now I have learned that if you do not hang drop cloth you will be sad.  Also I learned that Lowe’s offers free sheets of clear plastic as you exit!  Thanks Lowe’s !

I will be honest – Mike is the muscle here.  I can not thank my talented at home contractor enough for all the efforts he has put into this so far.  To this point I have done little to help.  I will continue peeling tape from the steps, but my work comes in when it is finally time to paint and stain!

Here is a little taste of where we have left off :

Stay Tuned for the finished project !

(And please, say a prayer that it happen’s before Thanksgiving!)


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