Glass Lamp Reveal

When we moved into our new house in August my mom gave us two glass lamps.  I decided to nix the old shades in hopes of finding something a little more modern.  So for months, literally months the lamps sat in our living room with no shades, completely naked by themselves.  They looked horrendous.  My mom told me my Aunt had redone hers with white spray paint, so after a bit of research into  spray painting glass I was ready to tackle the project.

Enter hubby doing yard work while I play with paints!  I also decide to spray some candle stands I had laying around for our big Halloween party (more on that next week!)

I decided to go with Rust-oleum Universal Satin Paint and Primer in white.  This gave a really nice matte look.  When spraying onto glass you definitely want to ensure you prime.  This two in one was the best option for me to kill two birds with one stone!  I love how easily this sprayed and how on 1/2 can of spray paint I sprayed both of my lamps.

I wanted to keep the gold detailing around the top and bottom of the lamp but I didn’t feel like tapping off the entire top.  I decide to grab a plastic bag and wrap it around the top wiring.  I secured it with painters tape, it turned out to be a really quick fix and it kept everything gold.

TADA!  Transformation complete and it literally took me 30 minutes total including cleanup!


Take a look at our “newish” lamps that are positioned on our “newish” console table!  Check out those lamp shades courtesy of Lowes (they are back to regular price but I got these for a major steal for $4.50 a piece) Thinking of painting the shades since my living room is grays and stones.

What are your thoughts?



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