Personal Challenge: Lesson’s to learn

Writing a blog for the first time is both fun and challenging. You have to learn a lot – editing, tagging, tone, grammar, appropriate topics, and time lines. I made a post two weeks ago with a promise to share my wellness program status weekly.

I apologize and amend. I will touch base on my progress biweekly.

I made a challenge simple enough; create a weekly plan and abide by it. Oh, a thing easier said than done.

I did it to a ‘T’ : Until Friday. On Friday I had an unexpected procedure that left my body feeling uncomfortable (very minor, very positive!).   I skipped the work out and the dog walk. I also had a volunteer event ( Kristina’s so awesome super fun Bone Bash planning and preparing) which ran long and bumped my work-out priorities off of my Friday schedule.

I was so upset, I felt like I failed.  All week I did things I would never do because this post was looming over me. Michael and I had busy night that required we quickly pick up dinner – I chose a wrap over a sandwich on delicious Italian bread. I drank water at home and actually turned down beers when mike had one with dinner.

We were picky about meals and I skipped cheese, sauces, creams and sugars.

Every time I wanted to do something bad I remembered that quote:

“Here is to ordering a salad when you really want a burger and fries!”

Friday came and life as always threw an unexpected wrench in my plans I felt like I didn’t even want to face myself or this blog again.

Today, I looked back and thought to myself… there was success in the first week of my challenge.  The dog walked four days that week (more than usual).  I did do yoga and a weight routine with mike- so much so that the following week he increased my weights and now I am actually attempting to squat with the bar (rather than just holding varying weights in my hands). No snacks, no candy, no unnecessary cocktails.   At my appointment the doctor reported on my exceptional heath! YAY!

Instead of calling it a failed week… I decided it was more of a ‘Reach for the moon you may fall on a star’ kind of situation.

This week I want to set the same plan, but incorporate a plan of action should things go awry. I want to do weights twice, yoga once, and walk the dog 4 times. With out the day attached, when things come up I can react appropriately by rescheduling.   I also want to squat the bar ( I think its 45 lbs) with out falling over- JUST ONCE!  Oh- and as my full water bottle sits here staring me in the face, I want to DRINK MORE WATER.60-80 oz a day.

One thing I also did was prepare! It’s the week of Halloween and I am so excited to hand out candy and head to parties- but you know what that means… CANDY EVERYWHERE!!! Tempting, tempting, tempting! Especially considering my insane love for dark chocolate.

So I read hard on pinterest and mocked a few healthier snacks .

Here is one: Quick and Easy!

Four Almonds, topped with two dried cherries, drizzled semi-sweet dark chocolate, topped with shaved coconut and let sit for two hours on wax paper.

BAM. Took me less than ten minutes to prep and it is DELICIOUS.


You should look around at markets and nut companies to find almonds at a reasonable price. I have seen them priced at 9$ for a very small bag in box retailers. At the market I find a 1.5lb bag for only 3 dollars. I bought large hunks of baking chocolate and just melted it down with a splash of milk (stir the entire time! You do not want the chocolate to burn!) I bought everything in bulk so that I can make this each week. Once a day should help my cravings stay at bay while avoiding candies that are high in calories, high in sugar, preservatives, dyes, etc.

FYI I also made this: which requires no instructions what-so-ever:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites: Slice banana and add almond butter or peanut butter between two slices. Place on wax paper and freeze for one hour. Remove from freezer and dip in bowl containing a mixture of one cup melted chocolate chips (semi-sweet, milk, white - your choice) and one teaspoon of oil (canola or vegetable). Re-place on waxpaper and freeze again. After one hour servce or package in freezer-safe container for storage.

Next time; let’s hope for the wine recommendation !


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