On Point with Pinterest

I would like to start by thanking Pinterest for being the best bed time story.

This post is solely going to be devoted to me ranting and raving about the “powers of Pinterest.”  I am all for social media and staying connected (i.e. this blog), but I have to say that Pinterest is an answer to my prayers.  If you don’t already have an account; run don’t walk.  Your creative juices will be thanking me later!

My overindulgence really began when I got engaged.  I found so many ideas and some many DIY projects that I knew could fit perfectly into my theme. Now after buying our first home in August, I am obsessed with anything and everything home decor/furniture/remodeling.


Our little red house on the corner!

With over 8,000 pins and counting (I’m fairly certain I’ve been pinning in my sleep)., I’ve decided that my pins are getting too mixed up.  It’s getting hard for me to stay organized and on track with actual ideas.  I’ve separated all of my boards into individual rooms, which has really helped keep all of my ideas readily available.  Stay tuned for future Thursday posts when I walk you through some of my latest DIY’s!


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