Memory Lane

Caution: If you’re feeling emotional, are about to get your period, or don’t want to hear a sappy story- STOP reading now!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 since I moved into the halls of Wallace on the IUP campus.  The start of an exciting journey was about to begin, but I would never know how much my life would be changed by the new person I was about to meet.

A decade ago, I was lucky to meet this guy….my husband, Ken.  This is one of the first pictures we took together since Facebook wasn’t a thing all the way back in 2004!  Our relationship started out as a friendship, but as things changed in our lives and other relationships ended, it turned out to be so much more.


Summer love, 2006

  We spent the first five years of our marriage learning about each other, learning about ourselves, and enjoying each new adventure that took place in our lives.  As each day and year passed by, our love for one another grew stronger and stronger.  I can’t begin to put those feelings into words, but it’s been an amazing journey, and I’m forever grateful that I’ve found my perfect match.


A few months ago, Ken and I discovered that we were about to begin a new journey in our lives….being parents.  It’s been something that we’ve talked/prayed about and feel truly blessed to be expecting our first baby this April.

Birth announcement

Birth Announcement

Future Grandparents!

Future Grandparents!

I’m excited to document some of the details of this journey on the blog.  Stay tuned…next week I plan to share a mood board for the future nursery and talk about the exhausting crib search that ended in success!


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