Top 5 Pet Peeves of a Newish Parent

There are lot of things that annoy me.  I have a low tolerance when it comes to many things.  Just ask my friends and family.  My list of annoyances has grown since having the girls, and my patience is very thin when it comes to many things. Most of my pet peeves stem from people just being downright rude.  I work very hard to teach my daughters how to be polite and respectful to others, so I would appreciate if you said “excuse me” when walking between me and my breakfast choices in the cereal aisle.


My Shopping Buddies

Here are my top 5 pet peeves as a newish parent…I’m sure people without children can relate as well.

1) PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON TOP OF ME WHEN THERE ARE A MILLION EMPTY SPOTS AROUND ME. Without fail, every week when I go to the grocery store someone does this. Literally, there could be 50 empty spots around me and you choose to park right next to me, usually over the lines of my spot. I apologize in advance if you find a sticker stuck to your car.  Actually, no, I don’t!
2) IF YOU ARE A SOLICITOR, DO NOT COME TO MY HOUSE DURING NAPTIME! WAIT A SECOND I MEAN EVER! If you do, please be prepared to face one angry motha! Oh and thanks for making my dog bark for 20 minutes because you didn’t realize that no one was coming to door.
3) DEAR NEIGHBORS. COULD YOU SLAM YOUR CAR DOORS A LITTLE HARDER NEXT TIME? AND PLEASE BE SURE TO DO IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! Just have an ounce of consideration.  That’s all I ask. Sleep is not something to mess with especially when there are two little people involved.
4) IF YOU DON’T HAVE CHILDREN, DON’T PARK IN THE “FOR CUSTOMERS WITH CHILDREN” SPOTS!  I will judge you as I walk by while you get out of your child-less car. I may even say “cute kids!” just to make you rethink your poor judgment.
5) PLEASE DON’T TAILGATE. This goes without saying; but so-help-me if you so much as tap my car while my children are in it, I will go ham!

This concludes my list of pet peeves. I swear, I really do love my fellow man.



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