Actions Speak Louder than Words; A personal challenge.

In my first blog post I explained that well-being has been heavy on my mind.  4 days at my grandmothers this past weekend and 4 lbs later – I have not done a lot (I have done nothing) to make a positive change.

Shamefully, I am a person fond of competition.  I thrive off of public acknowledgement (a classic Gen Y’er).  Today my hope is that  if I write about it – if I use this blog as my source of accountability – it will encourage my drive for change!

 Here is my plan: Once a week I will note my progress through a celebratory bottle of wine!

If I meet my weekly goal- I will buy a new bottle Friday and share my recommendation on my weekly Tuesday blog post.  If I do not meet my weekly goals: no wines for me. (This is because I love wine, and because I have a wine bottle craft in my near future!)

 For the first week, I will start very small.  I will set forth a plan for Monday-Friday.  If I adhere to each activity, I get to party!

Here is what I wish to accomplish Week 1:

Daily: Walk the dog for 30/40 minutes Monday-Friday.  I usually commit to 3 times a week, but she needs this as much as I do!

I wish my Ma’ would walk me everyday …

Monday:  off day; The hunny and I are doing some major home renovations (More to come on what we learn and how it turns out!)

Tuesday: One hour weights work out with Michael. I pray my fitness vocabulary grows with this little program. In the past this generally includes me squatting 25 lbs/ 25 times and then crying about it the entire week. All while Mike is doing countless reps with twice my body weight over his shoulders.  GAH.  I do this about once a month, then I refuse to do it again until the first of the following month. What happens then? The pain is the same.  No progress made.  No strengthening.  It becomes nearly pointless. This time, I will commit to once a week!

Wednesday: off day; Ella has training every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks.  I am certain there will be funny stories in the near future.

-Thursday:  One Hour and 15 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga @ Amazing Yoga.  Community class! Only $7!

– Friday: One Hour and 15 Minutes  Vinyasa Yoga @ Amazing Yoga.  Community class! Only $7!

Yoga Dates are a real thing ❤

I love this studio and this practice.  The cost is sometimes out of my budget.  I like to take advantage of the great community class offerings.  This way I get to stay in touch with the practice while still maintaining my finances!  I recently set a new goal.  If I continue to practice regularly for the next 2 years then I will reward myself with Yoga teacher training for my 30th birthday.  Mike even said he will do it with me!

It is so easy to allow myself out of workouts.  I am hoping these goals will push me – No More Excuses!

When it comes to foods, I am happy with my diet.  Still, sometimes I splurge.  This week – no additives!  No sugar or flavors in my morning coffee.  Read here about helping the Pumpkin Latte Fix!  No cheese on the occasional morning eggs.  No cream based sauces for the dinner side dishes.  The hardest thing to shed this week . . . No late night beers or hot chocolates! 

This doesn’t sound like much of a challenge.  Inevitably, by Thursday and Friday each week I find yet another thing to do that takes priority over my fitness routine.  By Wednesday I’m adding sugar to my coffee, and ending the day with a beer.  And no later than Tuesday I have found a reason to NEED some sort of chocolate.

I hope this is the fire I need to make small changes into big results.

Send me best wishes.  Here’s to happier, healthier and a bottle of wine for the weekends!


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