Just plain good and gritty

When I moved to Pittsburgh 6 years ago, I had no idea how amazing the food was.  I watched the city evolve with its unique local flavors and cultures, all at a reasonable price.   We have the best food.  It’s just a fact.  The best place to go if you’re just “bummin it”,  is the Strip District!  According to Visit Pittsburgh, the Strip as it’s called, is foodie heaven and as authentic as it is fun. Locals love it for its low prices and tremendous selections. The one-half square mile shopping district is chocked full of ethnic grocers, produce stands, meat and fish markets and sidewalk vendors.   Here are my favorite stops at the Strip!

1. Peace, Love and Little Donuts – These donuts are made fresh daily, and they make the corner of Smallman Street smell amazeballs!  My personal favorite flavor is Maple Bacon.  Yum!


2. Pamela’s Diner – Known for their affordable and delicious breakfasts, this is a great way to fuel up before your long walks at the shops.  My personal favorites are their hotcakes, lyonnaise potatoes, and corn beef hash!  There’s always a line, but it’s worth the wait.

3. If you’re looking for great authentic gifts, or a great selection of nuts, candy, produce, pasta, cheeses and meats (I’m not talking about Giant Eagle’s selection, people) visit Pennsylvania Macaroni Co!

italian cheesesitalian market nutsitalian pickles

4. East End Brewing Company will quench your thirst and offer a top quality selection of craft beer.  Today, my husband Lance sampled Bigger Hop (an extra hoppy IPA), and Ca Cao (an amber beer with cocoa nibs).  The staff are always friendly and happy to give you samples or let you purchase growlers.

5. Clarion River Organics will wake up your taste buds with their “home grown ice cream.”  This stuff is straight from the grass-fed cow’s teet!  Today I tried a lemon and blackberry ice-cream, and I am still dreaming about it.  I also tried a spicy tomato sorbet, as well as a concord grape sorbet.  Non-Lactose Lovers Welcome!

6.  If Fish is what you’re craving, Penn Avenue Fish Co has the best Fish Tacos I have ever tasted.  Get an organic Ginger Ale and take a load off.  You’re going to want to go up for seconds!

7. If you’re looking to take some fresh fish home to your family, Wholey’s Fish Market has everything from your produce to Alaskan king crab legs, Maine lobster, squid, shrimp and you can even catch your own dinner in the fish tanks.

There were so many other amazing vendors I that I didn’t go to today, but you should check out for yourselves.  Mancini’s Bread Co, Wild River Kettle Korn, Enrico’s Biscotti Company and so much more!  The Strip District is just plain good.  It’s the perfect place to do your weekly shopping as well as to bring your out of town guests!

enrico biscotti inside


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